W&H Lisa VA Steriliser

  • The new Lisa sterilizer with the easy to use colour touch screen and user-friendly menu structure fits perfectly into your dental practice.
  • The faster performance of the new Lisa is based on the patented Eco Dry technology that allows precise management of B-cycle steam sterilization for an average load (2kg) in 30 minutes.
  • Lisa’s integrated on-board computer automatically manages the whole traceability procedure. The main advantage: There is no need for an additional computer or special software.A wide range of integrated features for traceability reduces paper handling, time and money without requiring additional software or a PC. In addition, the new Lisa Mobile App helps you monitor up to
    4 sterilizers at any time and place in the clinic.
  • The modern and practical aesthetic design enhances the ergonomics and simplifies maintenance making your life easier and more comfortable.

MELAtherm10 Washer Disinfector

  • The MELAtherm 10 is a washer disinfector complying with the EN 15883 European Standard. It is ideally used in processing instruments by machine.
  • With compact external dimensions, the MELAtherm 10 offers full features without any additional charge:
  • Feeding process agents  with the dosing unit
  • Batch documentation with the CF card or network
  • Active drying in accordance with the Standard

Thermodisinfector HD 450

  • The Thermodisinfector HD 450 Injection is the ideal equipment for surgeries with 3-4 treatment rooms.
  • Each Reingungs- and disinfection process some 300 surgical instruments and up to 8 hollow instruments can be recycled up to a total weight of 6kg.
  • The HD 450 Injection can be placed as a desktop unit on a countertop, or can be integrated as under appliance in your Steri-line.

MELAquick 12+

  • The new quick autoclave can sterilize up to 12 hand pieces in about 7 minutes enabling continuous practice hygiene without having to buy additional hand pieces.
  • There are three Class S programs, all in accordance with the EN 13060 European Standard.
  • Not only is removal of air needed for sterilization of hand pieces, but also drying is of prominent importance.
  • Drying takes place by means of the connection to the compressed air supply in the processing room.

Melag Vacuklav Pro-Class 31 B+ (18 litre)

  • The innovative design of the Vacuklav 31 B+ simultaneously features fast operating times, along with versatility in recording and safety.
  • The integrated monitoring of the feed water and the electronic control of the Vacuklav 31 B+ avoid operating faults and secure high quality sterilization and maximum gentleness for your instruments.
  • Instruments of up to 5 kg in weight may be sterilized on 5 trays in the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres).
  • Two special, ergonomic water containers (for feed and waste water) are already integrated in the autoclave as well as the important monitoring of the water quality.

Melag Vacuklav Premium-Plus-Class 41 B+ (18 litre)

  • This efficient autoclave for practices makes it possible to remove unwrapped instruments after only 10 minutes and wrapped instruments after only 17 minutes.
  • The Vacuklav 41 B+ has a patented air-cooling system, enabling it to really”stand-alone”, because it only has to be plugged in order to work.
  • A very special advantage is the integrated software for clearance, labelling and tracing of the sterilized instruments, providing safety for the doctor and for the patients.

NSK iClave plus

  • Deploying a Copper Chamber to Match the Advanced Class B Cycle Sterilization Capacity and Efficiency Standards
  • 50% more capacity than conventional autoclaves

  • Highly thermal conductive copper chamber with even temperatures

  • Advanced heating system leveraging excellent thermal conductivity

  • NSK autoclave benefits include combining high heat conductivity of copper chamber with proprietary heating system