Curing Lights

Smaco Deep Blue Curing light

  • Great performance <4mm in less than 5 seconds
  • Dual power mode 800 & 1200mw/cm2
  • Over 600 x 10 second cures with one battery charge
  • Great powerr heat ration

Satelec Mini LED Black

  • Rounded surfaces for easy and comfortable handling.
  • Compact and lightweight (135 g).
  • Silent – no fan.
  • Light guide rotates through 360°.
  • No risk of cross infection.
  • Suitable rigid protection shield.

Satelec Mini LED Supercharged

  • Mini LED SuperCharged offers a wide emitting spectrum – 420-480nm.
  • The innovative LED Technology limits the rise in temperature so Mini LED SuperCharged is safe to use on vital teeth as there is no risk of pulpal damage.
  • Cordless, lightweight and silent – the Mini LED SuperCharged is available as a convenient bench top or integrated curing light.
  • Durable, long lasting lithium battery.

Satelec Mini LED

  • The latest generation L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) curing lights offer all that is expected of this new technology and the most recent design developed by Satelec® combines power, efficiency and speed.
  • Its power (1,250mW/cm²) is greatly superior to that of most halogen lamps and nearly as efficient as plasma lamps, without raising the temperature.
  • It emits light in the most efficient part of the spectrum, suiting all types of composites currently available: camphoroquinone (470nm), PPD or PAB (430nm): it takes only 6 to 12 seconds to polymerize 3mm of any composite.