A-dec LED

  • The A-dec LED dental light improves your ability to see inside the oral cavity and provides unparalleled ergonomics.
  • It delivers higher illumination to maximize vision from any position.
  • The high colour rendering index enables you to see colors accurately for better tissue diagnosis.
  • The innovative cure-safe mode provides rich 25,000 lux without premature curing.


  • FARO, the leader in shadow-removing lights introduce the Alya.
  • Perfect balance, combined with the exclusive head rotation system on the optical axis, assures the best precision in the orientation of the light beam, reducing the risk of accidental patient ‘dazzling’.
  • The LED technology emits more light than both the fluorescent lights and the tungsten filament lights.
  • It replaces in an optimal way the traditional lights, lasts for an indefinite time and generates cold light (being free of infrared rays), eliminating the temperature increase from the patient’s face.