Cattani Blok Jet with Turbo Smart and AC300

  • Blok Jet Silent is your ultimate compact indoor plant room solution.
  • Noise output of the system is dramatically reduced by the cleverly designed acoustic lining.
  • It houses both your oil free, dry air compressor and centralized suction (with integrated amalgam retention), operating silently to make the work environment comfortable for patients and staff.
  • Designed as a solution for buildings with limited plant room space and premises that have restrictions around building alterations.
  • Being as compact as a family fridge, the Blok Jet Silent can easily fit into a compact space within your dental practice.

Cattani Turbo Smart

  • Turbo Smart is a semi-wet suction for two surgeries, and able to be upgraded via a simple password to service four surgeries if needed.
  • When the suction is being used by an operator in surgery 1 for example, and another operator picks up suction in surgery 2, Turbo Smart speeds up and is able to process the correct amount of waste at that time.

Cattani Micro Smart

  • The perfect single surgery team.
  • Micro Smart is a semi-wet suction system with variable speed suction for one surgery. It is a most powerful suction system for a single surgery, and offers many advantages over anything previously available.

Cattani Amalgam Retention

  • Amalgam retention for the Turbo Smart is available as an option when first purchased, or retrofitted at a later date.

Cattani Aspi Jet – Mobile Aspirator

  • Aspi-Jet requires no special plants systems;
  • It can be easily moved around the chair and from one surgery to another;
  • In case of failure of the centralized system, it allows to continue working
  • Aspi-Jet is meant for continuous service.

DURR Suction VS600 and VS900

  • Powerful under pressure. The VS 600 is suitable for up to 2 treatment chairs and up to 3 treatment rooms. The VS 900 is suitable for up to 3 treatment chairs and up to 5 treatment rooms.

Plaster Trap

  • Separates materials such as plaster, clay, sand, sediment, precious metals, from waste water. Any material heavier than water can be separated in a Plaster Trap.
  • Plaster Traps are to be installed in a convenient position under the sink and away from electrical and electronic devices. They require sufficient headroom for removal and emptying of the inner solids Trap bucket.