Hire Equipment

A-dec Doctor’s Cart

  • The simple Doctor’s Cart with its legendary reliability ensures the very best performance in your practice.

W&H Assistina Handpiece Oiler

  • Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect functionality and long working life of your dental instruments.
  • It is simple, safe and cost-reducing. Assistina, the air-driven maintenance unit, is suitable for straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, air motors and air-driven scalers from all major manufacturers.

Cattani Turbo Jet Modular 2 Suction

  • TurboJet 2 Modular is a semi-wet suction unit.

Cattani Turbo Smart Suction

  • Turbo Smart is a semi-wet suction for two surgeries, and able to be upgraded via a simple password to service four surgeries if needed.
  • When the suction is being used by an operator in surgery 1 for example, and another operator picks up suction in surgery 2, Turbo Smart speeds up and is able to process the correct amount of waste at that time.

DURR Suction Units

  • Powerful under pressure. The VS 600 is suitable for up to 2 treatment chairs and up to 3 treatment rooms.
  • The VS 900 is suitable for up to 3 treatment chairs and up to 5 treatment rooms.

Jun Air OF1202-40BD3

  • Oil Free Compressor with absorption air dryer mounted on 40 litre tank. Suitable for up to 4 surgeries.

Sonoswiss Ultrasonic Bath

  • The SONOSWISS bath has a degassing and sweep function, to ensure a thorough clean.
  • It can be run with or without heating. The SONOSWISS is available in a range of tank sizes from 0.8 – 9 litres.

W&H Lisa Steriliser 

  • The Lisa steriliser features unique made-to-measure automatic type B cycles as well as an integrated traceability system with user identification and load release option.
  • Furthermore, the Lisa steriliser has an extremely user-friendly touch screen and its Air Detection System offers automatic cycle validation for extra safety in infection prevention.
  • Lisa’s integrated on-board computer automatically manages the whole traceability procedure.
  • The main advantage: there is no need for an additional computer or special software.

A-dec 300 Dental Light

  • Excellent color rendering index.
  • Bright pattern with strong uniformity.
  • Dependable brightness with easy-to-adjust intensity.
  • Unsurpassed shadow-reducing reflector technology.
  • Automatic on/off function with chair pre-sets.
  • Independent composite setting.
  • Spare-bulb storage on the dental light itself.

Mobile X-Ray

  • Generates a constant voltage of 60kV or 70kV.
  • Operates at high frequencies and constant potential which enables very high quality radiation to be emitted, whatever the conditions of use.
  • The choice of voltage (60 or 70kV) and intensity (4 or 8mA) enables optimal diagnosis of intraoral X-rays with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units.
  • Extremely short exposure times (minimum 0.02 sec.) are suitable for digital radiology with CCD, CMOS or phosphor plate sensors (radiation is 50% less than that that used with “E” type films).