VATECH Green 16

  • Green16 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH (Optional) , CBCT and MODEL Scan.
  • It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining imaging processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy with increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction.
  • 4 Fields of View
  • 3D Scanning for Models


  • Superior image Quality for accurate diagnosis
  • Two built in sensors for Pano & Ceph
  • Streamlined workflow and prolonged lifespan of sensors
  • Modern and Compact design raises the design value of your clinic and Helps save space in your clinic

 VATECH PaX-i3D Smart

  • One scan with a PaX-i3D Smart gives you not just a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means, patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans. Also CT and Auto Pano images are displayed within the One Viewer feature.
  • Practical 3 in 1 System CBCT(with auto Pano), Panoramic, Cephalometric
  • Low dose and High Image Quality

VATECH Ez Ray Premium

  • Streamline design for easy one hand grip
  • 4.7 kg head for stable positioning
  • Only 2 clicks needed for capturing
  • Optimized automatic settings


  • 33.78 lp/mm Experience the High Resolution
  • EzSensor HD will upgrade the existing intraoral sensor standards.
  • Innovation in Durability – upgraded usability and raise value
  • Complete Protection Against Dust and Water
  • Size 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0

VATECH  EzSensor Classic

  • Ultra-Slim for Easy Positioning
  • Patient Oriented Design.
  • Trustworthy Image
  • Size 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0

VATECH EzSensor Soft

  • Pain Relief & Easy Positioning
  • The Smallest PixelIt provides consistently higher resolution and clearer images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Drop Resistant – Durable Sensor Materials
  • Size 1.5, 2.0

Kavo OP 3D Pro

  • 3-in-1 platform delivers high-quality images
  • Versatile selection of volumes and resolutions
  • Automatic dose control (ADC) technology with 3DSMARTVIEW™ feature for accurate FOV positioning
  • Free FOV positioning in horizontal and vertical directions
  • Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) tool
  • Large, easy-to-use 10-inch user interface enables efficient usage
  • Intuitive patient positioning
  • Designed to be upgradeable and expandable with a cephalometric option available

Kavo OP 3D

  • Designed for efficiency
  • Variety of resolutions
  • Four versatile fields-of-view (FOV)
  • Sustainable green solution
  • ORTHOselect™ for optimized workflow
  • Customized FOVs with SMARTVIEW™ 2.0
  • ORTHOfocus™ for sharp images
  • QUICKcompose™ feature for fast image review
  • Clearer images with MAR technology

Kavo OP 2D 

  • Easy image acquisition with one-of-a-kind image quality
  • Accurate patient positioning
  • Optimal patient support
  • Laser positioning lights
  • V-shaped collimation
  • Reduced radiation dose

Kavo Focus

  • Three different arm lengths make FOCUS the perfect X‑ray for any practice, no matter the layout
  • Short exposure times
  • Efficient exposure ensures successful imaging while minimizing patient dose
  • ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism) eliminates drifting and the need for re‑positioning
  • Built in automatic dose display (DAP)
  • Attractive design
  • Pre-programmed settings for adult and pediatric dentition
  • A variety of cones available

Acteon X-Mind Trium

  • ACTEON® presents its new X-MIND® TRIUM panoramic dental unit which can be upgraded to 3D (CBCT) and/or cephalometry.
  • It has a full range of medium FOV sizes to facilitate 2D and 3D examinations.
  • X-MIND® TRIUM is equipped with an acquisition and reconstruction algorithm which ensures a perfectly uniform and high quality image on all visual axes.
  • Acteon Imaging Suite offers advanced functionalities
    and an intuitive mouse-enabled navigation experience.

Acteon X-Mind Unity

  • Provides reproducible results and extremely high defined images.
  • More reliable diagnosis.
  • Advanced ergonomic design and intuitive grip, only one hand is needed to move X-Mind unity. Positioning can be done with minimum effort or stress.
  • The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism keeps the unit steady and still, ensuring the clarity of your shots.
  • Configurable to fit into any operatory.

Acteon Personal PSP!X Digital Imaging Plate System

  • Optimized for the individual user – Small, Affordable and suited for individual examination room.
  • Pure simplicity for multi-surgery practices – Simple to use and set up working on both Windows and Mac for up to 10 workstations.
  • A surprising futuristic Design – Winner of the Red Dot design award 2015
  • Innovation in hygiene – parts can be removed and cleaned in a thermal disinfecting cleaner.

Acteon Sopix² Digital X-ray System

  • Sopix², digital x-ray system integrates the best of modern technology; fibre optic based CMOS, which provides an exceptional image quality.
  • The ACE technology is a Sopro exclusive process that makes it possible to control the amount of x-rays accumulated by the sensor.
  • Protects each image from overexposure and ensures that all your images are always clear.
  • User friendly and compatible Sopix² will easily fit your practice whatever the configuration.
  • Two sensor sizes have been proposed. In order to improve patient comfort, the corners of the sensor are rounded for easier placement inside the mouth.

Progeny Preva DC

  • Where technology meets simplicity …..perfectly
  • The new Progeny Preva DC is designed to provide flawless imaging and enhance workflow. It combines the most advanced DC Technology and the ultimate in ease and efficiency.
  • All of this, plus the uncompromising reliability and performance you expect from Progeny.

Myray RXDC Extend

  • The ultimate high-frequency X-ray unit with embedded 12″ Collimator.
  • Specifically conceived for digital X-ray imaging.
  • Handheld wireless device.
  • Full control, everywhere.
  • Integrated self balancing system.

Digora Optime Deluxe and Classic

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Digora uses highly sensitive and intelligent imaging plate read out technology to achieve high quality images with an exceptionally wide dynamic range.
  •  Small details like 0.6mm root canal files are visible. In addition, the Digora Optime virtually eliminates under and over exposed images.
  • 4 Image plate sizes (0, 1, 2 & 3)
  • Image plates have a long working life and a low cost.
  • Image plate processing takes 9 seconds