What's New


Biological Air Treatment

The Vatech EzPure™ UV device has been designed for the disinfection of air in closed environments even at high risk (from offices to surgical operating rooms). The device uses the germicidal ultraviolet radiation produced by a set of 4 low pressure mercury vapor lamps enclosed within a chamber; this allows germicidal action in larger environments, reaching maximum efficacy in a shorter time.


Oral Health from Switzerland

New PerioPlus+ from Curaprox combines the treatment benefits of chlorhexidine (CHX) with CITROX® for great taste and reduced impact on your patient’s sense of taste. Scientifically proven to be more effective than CHX alone, the PerioPlus+ range includes mouthwash, toothpaste and gel. For premium oral care choose PerioPlus+ from Curaprox.


Be You toothpaste

Six zesty flavours. Six vibrant colours. Long-lasting freshness. Gentle whitening with a natural enzyme that also takes care of your tooth enamel and gums. Combine with the new Curaprox 5460 ultra fine filament toothbrushes for a new dimension in oral health.


The New Lisa VA B

  • Easy to use colour touch screen and user-friendly menu structure.
  • Patented Eco Dry technology that allows precise management of B-cycle steam sterilization for an average load (2kg) in 30 minutes.
  • Integrated on-board computer automatically manages the whole traceability procedure without the need for an additional computer or special software. Plus, the new Lisa Mobile App helps you monitor up to four sterilizers at any time and place in the clinic.

EzRay Air Wall

The new EzRay Air minimizes blur and provides additional diagnostic value with a 0.4mm focal spot.

  • Smart angulation for optimal results
  • Intuitive & convenient operating panel
  • One dial for all function
  • 2.4kg lightweight tube head for stable and safe use
  • Compact design for easy use