A-dec 500 Pro Delivery

  • Categories: Chairs & Delivery Systems, Delivery Systems

Positive positioning. Smoothly and precisely situate the delivery system where you want it, and count on it to stay.

One-handed adjustments. Effortlessly position the delivery system with one hand—or finger if you’d like.

Ambidextrous delivery. Go from left- to right-handed delivery in seconds. The centrally located handle and screen are reachable and visible from either side.

Automatic braking. Grasp the handle and the arm system automatically releases. We call it capacitive activation, but you’ll just call it effortless.

LED coolant indicator. Lights up when a handpiece is lifted so you can make adjustments without second guessing.

Adjustable handpiece holders. Each position is moveable, so you can tilt the handpieces downward to easily grip when in use, and return upright for safety when they’re not.

Customizable placement. With six positions on the control head, you can integrate practically any combination you dream up: from cameras and scalers to curing lights and electric motors.