A-dec 500 Doctor's Stool

  • Categories: Chairs & Delivery Systems, Stools

Tilt Seat. Distributes weight from seat to feet allowing proper circulation.

Contoured Backrest. Cradles the spine, while encouraging blood flow. Contoured backrest is standard on the A-dec 500 doctor’s stool and optional on the A-dec 500 assistant’s stool.

Whisper Quiet Casters. New design provides smooth, ultra-quiet movement on both carpet and hard flooring.

Adjustment Controls. Labeled paddles are easy to access for quick adjustments and easy cleaning.

Backrest Height Control. A push button makes access and one-handed adjustment easy.

Upholstery. Minimal seams make clean up easy.

Two Cylinder Heights (A-dec 500 doctor’s stool). Measure from hips to the feet. Above 34" - choose tall cylinder. Under 34" - choose short cylinder.

Standard Foot Ring (A-dec 500 assistant’s stool). Helps practitioner maintain correct posture.