Cattani Turbo SMART A Cube with ISO 18 Hydrocyclone

  • SKU: 035120
  • Categories: Compressors & Suction, Suction

Designed with inverter technology, the Turbo SMART A delivers consistent, high-performance
suction to 2 to 3 chairs. Integrated with Hydrocyclone amalgam retention, with the capability
of upgrading to Turbo SMART B to serve 4 chairs.

Details That Matter
• 3-year full parts and labour warranty
• Acoustic housing reducing perceived noise by 50%
• ISO 18 Hydrocyclone amalgam retention
• Capability to upgrade to a 4-chair capacity
• Inverter control for performance and energy efficiency
• SMART self-protection in case of functional anomalies
• Included installation kit to save installer time on site