Durr FD 366 Sensitive Wipes (Refill Pack x 400 Wipes)
$270.00 incl GST

  • Categories: Cleaning & Sterilisation, Consumables

Practical disinfecting wipes for fast-acting disinfection of sensitive surfaces on invasive and non-invasive medical devices in hospitals, private practices, and laboratories.

▪ Excellent compatibility with materials. Particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces, such as acrylic glass, plastics, and synthetic leather coverings on treatment units.
▪ Exposure time in accordance with VAH only 1 minute.
▪ Broad spectrum of activity: bactericidal, tuberculocidal, levu- rocidal, with limited virucidal activity (enveloped viruses, including HBV, HCV, and HIV as well as non-enveloped noroviruses).
▪ Tested in accordance with current VAH methods and European standards.
▪ Tested in 4-field test in accordance with VAH and EN 16615.
▪ VAH list. Tested in accordance with EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 14476, EN 16615.
▪ Wipe size: 200 x 300 mm