Vatech EzPure UV - Biological Air Treatment

  • Categories: Cleaning & Sterilisation, Water & Air Filtration

The Vatech EzPure™ UV device has been designed for the disinfection of air in closed environments even at high risk (from offices to surgical operating rooms). The device uses the germicidal ultraviolet radiation produced by a set of 4 low pressure mercury vapor lamps enclosed within a chamber; this allows germicidal action in larger environments, reaching maximum efficacy in a shorter time.

The Benefits:

  • Solid Aluminium Construction
  • No Risk to People: EzPure™ UV can work around the clock because it does no disperse radiation in the environment and is therefore totally safe.
  • No Noise: Operation is in fact noise-free. The forced air circulation is ensured by special silent fans.
  • No Maintenance: EzPure™ UV does not use expensive antibacterial filters but simple dust filters because the germicidal action is guaranteed by the lamps.
  • Programmable: Thanks to a simple display.
  • Maximum Effectiveness: Thanks to UV-C rays.
  • Flexibility in all Environments: EzPure™ UV can be installed on the wall or on a stand (optional), it can be positioned in all types of rooms with the ability to move it when you wish.