Cattani Vento solutions (FRAME 1 Turbo SMART Cube)

  • Categories: Compressors & Suction, Dry Air Compressors, Suction

Designed and developed by Cattani Australia, the Vento approach is to stack the suction unit
and the compressor on an engineered frame, halving the floor space. This is the perfect plant
configuration for practices where space is tight, and a dedicated plant room is a luxury.
Vento can be configured to service up to eight chairs. Units with noise reducing options are
also available.

Vento solutions can incorporate:
• Micro SMART
• Turbo SMART
• Noise-reducing SMART Cube
suction units
• Our entire compressor range,
including CAD/CAM
• Acoustic compressor hoods
(Q Series)
• Amalgam retention